Life is made of experience, and the wilder and more exciting, the better they are. With that mind, what could be more exciting and wilder than joining a Vietnam bike tour? If you are still doubtful about it, then read this article and rest assured that once you are done, you will start packing your

The 36 streets of Hanoi Old Quarter expand a small area, but try to spend time here without getting lost! A rundown below of some of the main streets and what you can find there will be useful. The Origin of Hanoi Old Quarter Of all the initial protections around Hanoi Old Quarter, the East

Traveling abroad with overloaded luggage will cause inconveniences and discomforts. In particular, taking much of those home belongings with you to Vietnam may be too costly or impractical. To help travelers have a safe and comfortable Vietnam journey, Loop Bike Tourssome tips on What to pack for Vietnam trip.   Clothing for summer in Vietnam

If your nationality is Australia, you are required Vietnam visa for Australian citizen to visit Vietnam. Since 1996, all citizens of Australia travel to Vietnam can pick up visa at Vietnam international airports. To get Vietnam visa on arrival, visitors just need to finish the following simple steps: Go online: Submit application form online via

Travelling by motorbikes can be the greatest way to see REAL Vietnam. Unfortunately, this way is far from the safest mode of transport. If you are going to ride a motorbike in Vietnam, it is vital that you have Vietnam travel insurance Make sure two things. Firstly, you need to be properly licensed. Secondly, you need

As adventurers, you must have heard about BBC Top Gear Vietnam Special. It is a special 75 minute episode of BBC Top Gear motoring program, which was firstly broadcast on 28th December 2008 (Season 12 – Eps 08). If you want to know Top Gear Vietnam route, Top Gear Vietnam route map… then, this article is for

In the past, Ha Giang is not listed in the to-travel-list of exploration lovers. However, the extraordinary beauty of this far Northernmost area of Vietnam has totally attracted wanderers. If you desire to experience Ha Giang by motorbike, a popular trend for travelers to Vietnam, a motorcycle tour is undoubtedly the BEST CHOICE. Province of

Thac Ba lake is a community tourism destination which attracts many tourists nowadays. It is one of the largest artificial lakes of the mountain during the construction of electrical dam in 1970. Thac Ba information Created on the Chay River, the area of Thac Ba Lake is 24 300 hectares. Its water surface is about