Bac Ha is situated in the northeastern part of Lao Cai province, approximately 70 km from the city of Lao Cai. It is a favored destination for both domestic and international tourists, renowned for preserving its pristine and pure beauty. Nestled at an average altitude of 1,000m – 1,400m, Bac Ha’s climate carries a temperate character, with an average temperature ranging from 18 to 22°C.

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bac ha

Not only does Bac Ha boast captivating mountain ranges that attract visitors from both within and outside the country, but it is also adorned with numerous scenic spots that exude natural beauty and historical significance. Alongside the breathtaking landscapes bestowed by majestic mountain ranges, rivers, and caves, the amiable and hospitable locals contribute to the charm of the region. This land is a convergence of various cultural hues and the unique specialties of Northwestern Vietnam.

Bac Ha motorbike tours

Explore Bac Ha in its entirety by considering our motorcycle tours, allowing you to delve into the natural wonders and cultural richness of this enchanting destination.

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