Thac Ban Gioc is located in Dam Thuy, Cao Bang, in the northeastern region of Vietnam, approximately 335km from Hanoi.

Thac Ban Gioc is one of the renowned waterfalls not only in Vietnam but also internationally. It ranks among the top 4 largest transnational waterfalls worldwide, continually attracting a substantial number of tourists to Cao Bang for admiration.

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Situated on the Vietnam-China border, the waterfall is known by two names. When viewed from the base, there are two sections: the left side, referred to as the subsidiary waterfall, and the right side, known as the main waterfall. The subsidiary waterfall and half of the main waterfall on the left side belong to Vietnamese territory. The remaining half on the right side of the main waterfall belongs to China. In Vietnam, the subsidiary waterfall is called Thac Cao (High Waterfall), and the main waterfall is called Thac Thap (Low Waterfall), but when combined, both sections are commonly known as Thac Ban Gioc.

One of the distinctive features of Thac Ban Gioc is the cascading effect of the main waterfall. Rather than flowing straight down in a single strip, the water encounters terraced rock formations resembling stairs, causing the Quay Son River to split into multiple strands. This creates a mesmerizing white expanse amidst the landscapes of Cao Bang, blending with the lush greenery. Explore Thac Ban Gioc with Loop Motorbike Tours through our curated tours below.

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