Bao Lac is a district in Cao Bang, situated approximately 130 km away from the central city of Cao Bang. This destination not only boasts breathtaking landscapes but also carries a rich cultural identity distinctive to the region. Located in the southwest of Cao Bang, Bao Lac shares its northern border with China and its southern border with the Phuc Nam district in Bac Kan province. Bao Lac is renowned for its winding mountainous roads, making it a favorite spot for motorcycle enthusiasts.

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Bao Lac

In addition to its scenic routes, Bao Lac is home to numerous historical and cultural landmarks at both the provincial and national levels. The district also features a variety of caves nestled within the Lũng Nà mountain range (Thượng Hà commune) and the Lũng Rì mountain range (Khánh Xuân commune), providing favorable conditions for the development of exploration and trekking tourism in the area.

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