Located in the Northwest of Vietnam, Thac Ba Lake in Yen Bai province is one of the three largest artificial lakes in Vietnam. The lake spans nearly 20 thousand hectares, consisting of more than 1,300 large and small green islands, along with a system of beautiful caves hidden deep within the limestone mountain ranges. Visiting Thac Ba Lake, travelers can freely gaze upon the vast expanse of water, with countless islands reflecting their shadows on the emerald lake surface. The local people are also extremely friendly and welcoming.

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Thac Ba lake
Thac Ba lake

Google Map : https://maps.app.goo.gl/383SPsyRPHyT1fbC9

Anyone who has visited Thac Ba Lake is sure to be amazed and nostalgic for this pristine, poetic, and majestic landscape. Besides providing water for the national power grid, Thac Ba Lake is also a place for air regulation and a stopping point for tours. With a system of caves, visitors can ascend Cao Bien Mountain, the longest and largest mountain range overlooking the Thac Ba Lake scenery. Standing at the mountain’s peak, one can cast their gaze over the lake immersed in mist, presenting a mystical and enchanting beauty, allowing them to appreciate the grandeur of nature.

The serene beauty of the lake is closely connected with nature, providing a sense of relaxation and comfort for travelers exploring Yen Bai. Looking down from the lake, one can feel the tranquility and the space enveloped by natural forests, creating an alluring painting. To fully enjoy these experiences, it’s recommended to row a boat and admire the picturesque scenery. Explore our motorcycle tours to Thac Ba Lake below for an unforgettable journey.

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