Than Uyen is a district located in the southwestern part of Lao Cai province, nestled within the enclosed valley between the Phan Xi Păng and Púng Luông mountains. Nature has bestowed upon Than Uyen a diverse system of rivers and streams, with the prominent Nam Mu River flowing through the district for a length of 160 km. Than Uyen boasts a substantial area of agricultural land and grassy fields, totaling nearly 40,000 hectares, notably the Muong Than field – one of the four renowned fertile fields in the Northwestern region.

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Than Uyen Motorbike Tours
Than Uyen

Featuring an extensive network of caves stretching about 750 km deep into the mountains, Than Uyen offers not only intriguing flowing streams but also a fascinating variety of scenes. During the winter, the caves provide a warm sanctuary, while in the summer, they offer a refreshing coolness. The caves are home to diverse ornamental fish swimming playfully in the clear waters, along with many stalactites, creating an aesthetically valuable and mystical landscape. The limestone mountain range stretches endlessly, adorned with lush vegetation, and the pristine Nam Mu River, together with the mountainous caves, contributes to the picturesque scenery of Ta Gia with its “Mountains and Rivers in Harmony” painting.

Adding to this beauty is a traditional Thai ethnic village with distinctive stilt houses, creating a captivating blend of ancient customs and architectural uniqueness. Explore the enchanting landscapes and cultural richness of Than Uyen through the motorcycle tours offered by Loop Motorbike Tours.

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