Xin Man is a mountainous district located in the northwest of Ha Giang province, approximately over 10km from the city center. To the north, Xin Man shares its border with Ma Quan district, Van Nam province, China; to the east, it is adjacent to Hoang Su Phi district; to the west, it borders Si Ma Cai district, Bac Ha , Bao Yen district in Lao Cai province; and to the south, it shares its border with Quang Binh district of Ha Giang.

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Xin man

Covering an area of nearly 600 km2, Xin Man has a population of around 50,700 people, consisting of various ethnic groups such as Kinh, Tay, Nung, Mông, Phu La, Hoa, La Chi, Cao Lan, etc. Xin Man has a rapidly developing district town called Coc Pai in recent years. The transportation system in the area has also improved, making it convenient for tourists to explore the route from Sapa to Bac Ha, Xin Man, and Hoang Su Phi.

As travelers approach Xin Man, they will be amazed by the breathtaking landscapes. On either side of the road, there are majestic mountain ranges, vast grasslands, and expansive primary forests.

The beauty of the scenery is complemented by the warm and friendly locals of Xin Man, leaving a lasting impression on visitors. The ethnic minorities here work hard on the terraced fields throughout the four seasons, contributing their labor to lead a prosperous life.

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