Ha Giang by Motorbike – A Popular Trend for Travelers to Vietnam

In the past, Ha Giang is not listed in the to-travel-list of exploration lovers. However, the extraordinary beauty of this far Northernmost area of Vietnam has totally attracted wanderers. If you desire to experience Ha Giang by motorbike, a popular trend for travelers to Vietnam, a motorcycle tour is undoubtedly the BEST CHOICE.

Province of Ha Giang

Situated right on the border with China, Ha Giang is considered Vietnam’s last frontier. It spreads over rolling hills and has impressive karsts and amazing green valleys, Nature-lovers love Ha Giang for its thrilling landscapes and the cultural diversity of ethnic minorities living in this area’s steep winding roads.

After French military conquest‘s failure from 1886, nowadays, Ha Giang is a peaceful province in the farthest northeast Vietnam. Home to a large number of ethnic groups, it retains different tribes including the Hmong and Dao. To cover Ha Giang’s attractions, Loop Bike Tours recommend bikers spending at least 3 or 4 days.

As usual, the hottest month (40 degree) is June whereas the coldest ones are December and January (2 degree). It is hard to determine rainy seasons and dry one. There offers different perspectives at different times. For example, in January and March, the mountains come back to life after their winter sleep. Peach and plum blossoms add white and pink dots in the green hills. In April, there is Khau Vai Love Market. It is a special event happens only once a year for vendors from the whole province to come and sell their products. In May and June, Ha Giang has a new appearance of full watered terraces. In September and October, the paddies turn yellow and weave through the mountains like golden ribbons. November is buckwheat blooming season. Late December until the end of the year is a chance of snow. Ma Pi Leng pass, Quan Ba twin mountain, Hoang Su Phi terraces, etc are Ha Giang ‘s incredible spots. Just by Ha Giang by motorbike, a popular trend for travelers to Vietnam, you can reach every corners of this farthest north land.

Hanoi to Ha Giang by motorbike

Being always complimented for magnificent landscape and breathtaking view of rock mountains, Ha Giang by motorbike is the best choice! The ride is along winding passes and zig zags connecting its districts to discover the gorgeous charm.

From Ha Noi, it takes riders at least 5 days Ha Giang motorbike tour on Northeast area routes. This incredible trip crosses Thac Ba lake, Quan Ba, Dong Van, Meo Vac, Bao Lac, Ba Be before being back to Ha Noi.

Northeast Vietnam motorbike tour is also to explore Ha Giang, which consists of Ban Gioc waterfall. Ban Gioc is another majestic wonder of northeast area. All above, we cannot mention Ha Giang’s attractions without Dong Van. It is a small town traditionally preserved with unique features of ethnic groups. Being the UNESCO world heritage, Dong Van owns the extensive and massive space of rock fields and the little human spots. Travel to Dong Van, all the motorbikers will have an insight into indigenous people’s life.

Final words

Indeed, Ha Giang is an ideal place for motorbikers who have passion in photography, offroad tracks, ethnic minority lovers. Apart from the motorbike tours mentioned above, Loop Bike Tours has lots of motorcycle trips crossing Ha Giang in https://loopmotorbiketours.com/tours. If being a truly adventurers, you cannot miss Ha Giang by motorbike, a popular trend for travelers to Vietnam.


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