Here you can find all the motorcycles you can choose for your tour, through many years of doing motorbike tours in Vietnam, we understand that a high quality motorbike is one of the most important things to create a perfect motorbike trip. Loop Motorbike Tours always tries its best and does not hesitate to invest a lot of time and money in maintaining good quality of motorbikes or updating the newest ones possible.

We have full confidence in Honda and Yamaha for our trips in Vietnam. We carefully select the most appropriate motorbike model for every off-road journey in the country, below is the list of bikes we usually used and did have great trips by them:

Honda CB 500X

CB500X embodies a sense of adventure, featuring a long-travel suspension system and an upgraded braking system. Combined with its distinctive twin-cylinder engine for formidable power, the CB500X is suitable for both novice riders and experienced enthusiasts. It allows riders to experience a bike that is both thrilling and safe, catering to a wide range of skill levels and delivering an exciting journey on the road.

MotorbikeHonda CB 500X
Owners’ reliability rating4.7/ 5
Seat height835mm
WeightLow 195kg

Honda CRF 300L

Honda CRF300L integrated with WSmart technology, delivers remarkably robust off-road performance. The perfect combination of lightweight flexibility and easily accessible power makes you ready to face every challenge on the off-road terrain. With a comfortable upright sitting posture, the bike helps you maintain optimal control on all types of terrains. Equipped with advanced technologies and fuel efficiency, it becomes the ideal companion for every off-road adventure in Vietnam.

MotorbikeHonda CRF 300L – 2022
Owners’ reliability rating4.8/ 5
Seat height885mm
WeightLow 153kg

Honda CRF 250L

The Honda CRF250L stands out as the most beloved dual-sport bike among riders in Vietnam. Specifically designed for both on-road and off-road experiences, this motorcycle offers a comfortable and thrilling ride across the diverse terrains of Vietnam. Whether navigating through city streets or tackling challenging dirt paths, the CRF250L provides riders with exceptional control and performance. Its versatile design, well-suited for Vietnam’s varied landscapes, makes it a top choice for those seeking adventure and speed in every journey.

MotorbikeHonda CRF 250L
Owners’ reliability rating4.6/ 5
Seat height875mm
WeightLow 146kg


Yamaha WR 155R, the ultimate off-road companion in Vietnam, is designed for robust adventures and optimal control. This dual-sport marvel, excelling on all terrains, reflects Yamaha’s top-tier mountain motorbike design, ensuring peak performance in diverse conditions. With these advanced machines, explore and conquer every road across Vietnam

MotorbikeYAMAHA WR155
Owners’ reliability rating4.7/5
Power16.5 bhp
Seat height880 mm
WeightLow 134kg

Honda XR150cc

The XR is well – known durable and famous for being a reliable ride. Beside comfortable suspensions and precise agility, this bike is best adapted for off-road terrains. It has enough power to get the driver through various rough topographies and can perform comfortably during adventure via better conditioned roads, too.

MotorbikeHonda XR 150 – 2022
Owners’ reliability rating4.7/5
Seat height885 mm
WeightLow 129kg
Power12.14 bhp

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