Mu Cang Chai – among world’s 50 most beautiful places to visit

Mu Cang Chai district is at the foot of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. About 280km Northwest of Hanoi, the district of Yen Bai province owns lots of attractions to the tourism. Mu Cang Chai has been among world’s 50 most beautiful places to visit, voted on the tourism website CnTraveller.

Best time to visit Mu Cang Chai

The best time to visit Mu Cang Chai is from Mid-September to Mid-October when rice fields are turning yellow and ready for harvest. This can a little different each year (depending on weather). Besides, May to Sep is also no less impressive when the rice terraces are green.

Mu Cang Chai has 2 pretty nice seasons that you can arrange to come.

About mid-September to mid-October is the harvest season. All of rice terraces will be covered by bright yellow, the weather is nice and convenient to get to and travel around.

From May to June is the pouring season when summer rains started pouring down the mountain and leading water into terraces. This terraced water flashing in the sunset creates beauty that surprises tourists. This time the local also go to the field to crop and prepare for a new season.

Best way to get to Mu Cang Chai

The distance is 280km (about 180 miles), but the road is not very supportive for large vehicles. Visitors can travel to Mu Cang Chai by bus, train or car but the best way to get to is by motorbike. This is the easiest way and most flexible for nature lovers to stop at anywhere, reach any remote areas like La Pan Tan, Lim Mong valley, Khau Pha mountain pass, etc.

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Mu Cang Chai ‘s highlights

Khau Pha Pass

As one of the most winding and steep ranks among the best Vietnam, Khau Pha mountain pass is worthy to come. From Yen Bai city, along Highway 32 about 5 hours, through Tu Le, Khau Pha pass is among a plateaus surrounded by mountains, the old forests and pristine slopes terraced fields of H’Mong, Thai.

Cao Pha valley

This is also an amazing spot where many tourists rush to conquer the scenic gorge. The jungle at Khau Pha preserves many rare animals and plants like oil data, all kinds of birds and other rare animals.

Lim Mong village

Lim Mong village is still hidden in the clouds. With challenge of the dangerous road, Lim Mong is one of the destinations for truly adventurers.

La Pan Tan

Famous for its heaven of beautiful terraced fields, La Pan Tan is not ashamed to be one of three localities of Mu Cang Chai of Mong ethnic people living on this land by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism rated scenic national level since late 2007.

Tu Le Village

Tu Le village is home to the H’Mong and Thai community. Being at about 960 meters altitude, the steep hills make it almost impossible to grow rice fields like those in the delta. Therefore, the local grow their own rice on the terraced fields. These fields lie among rugged green mountain valleys, under clear blue sky or a mysterious fog, bring to eyes an awesome scenery.

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