The adventure of your life! Why join a Vietnam motorcycle tour?

Life is made of experience, and the wilder and more exciting, the better they are. With that mind, what could be more exciting and wilder than joining a Vietnam bike tour?

If you are still doubtful about it, then read this article and rest assured that once you are done, you will start packing your bags and booking your ticket to Southeast Asia to see REAL Vietnam!

Why is it the greatest adventure of your life?

Southeast Asia in general and Vietnam in particular are two of the most interesting and fascinating areas in the world for several reasons, but these 6 summarize them:

  1. Rich history and exotic culture
  2. Stunning nature
  3. Friendly people
  4. Delicious food
  5. Vibrant festivals
  6. Traditional wellness treatments (and products)

With a bike, you will be able to immerse into the culture and history of Vietnam like no any other tour gives you the chance to. You can also interact with people in a very different way. This brings you priceless memories from this adventure.

You will visit so many places that are not included in normal trips and you will also experience the excitement of riding a motorbike across Vietnam that I promise is totally different from touring around Europe or America. You need to experience to understand what I mean!

Biking across Vietnam is something that completely breaks the mold.

If you want to discover this part of the world in a completely unique way, then you should join a tour organized by Loop Bike Tours, which will change your life, take it for granted.

This summarizes why you need to do it. And now let’s analyze other reasons to know why you should join it as soon as possible!

Become a better motorbike rider

What a better way to become a better biker than by spending almost weeks on the road? You will experience so many things along with your team and tour guide that you will know your bike better, and importantly, develop your essential skills to ride it better.

And you will master during the journey on how to repair your bike. There are some issues that you are likely to face on the road, so thanks to your guide and companions you will learn how to deal with it.

Immerse into exotic cultures that you are never before

By joining Vietnam bike journey, you will get in contact with different cultures in Vietnam where is famous for 54 different ethnic groups.

You can be able to stop, chat with local people and take photos with them. Being simply pass by, but actually being closer to the local and their culture, and this is exactly what you should pursuit when visiting a new country.

Interacting with local communities, seeing how they live can bring you a wonderful opportunity to begin learning a new language, great choice to taste their local cuisine. If you want to embark your taste buds on a journey full of exotic and tasty flavors, need to join this tour!

Enjoy the most incredible setting roadside

Joining a Vietnam bike tour, riding on the road in this part of the world ensures to leave you speechless, because the setting roadside is completely marvelous and unique.

The terraces and majestic mountains, winding roads are just a few reasons why the landscape is perfect. There’s no doubt about it.

Appreciating nature while riding your motorbike across Vietnam is much different and better than does a classical tour where you simply get on a bus and enjoy views from your passenger window. When you motorbike, you get the full view and the wind caressing your face… what else could you expect for?

Zigzag and mountain roads in North Vietnam, borderlines from North to South, coastal lines, Ho Chi Minh legendary trail, bamboo rafts crossing rivers, hanging bridges, etc, are just some examples of the roads you will ride in this tour.

This bike trip is pure adrenaline, and if you want to experience fully real Vietnam with freedom, give yourself the chance to discover Vietnam around 28 to 30 days.

It is totally worthy to do once the tour has set off, you will see life in new eyes and new priceless memories will be with you. That’s the real gift of this kind of experience: precious memories that will stay with you for the whole life.

Be self-reliant

Even if you will be biking in group, this journey will show you how to become more self-reliant, something that is being lost in our current generations. You will also learn the art of improvising and how to deal with issues quickly.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the ride will make you more mature than a person. You will become more responsible, more self-reliant and thus a real problem-solver.

Final Words

Plan today and book the tour and prepare yourself for the adventure of your life! Please feel free to contact us anytime. There is our slogan: “Life is an adventure, twist your throttle!”.


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