Vietnam motorbike riding license

Do I need a Vietnam motorbike riding license to ride in Vietnam or How about riding license in Vietnam? They are popular questions of riding license that foreign bikers ask when planning to ride in Vietnam.

Whether you’re in Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, or anywhere outside your home country, the simple answer is yes. But what sort of license? Get one wrong and you can face in all types of bother with the local authorities.

Sometimes your home country will insist you, sometimes the local police will need your International Driver’s Permit. In some cases, you might need to attend a local test for a local license.

Before we learn about the details, here’s one important note from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and United Kingdom: you must have a valid motorcycle license from home.

International Driving License (IDL)

Is it legal to ride motorbike with your national driving license or International Driving License (IDL) in Vietnam?
None of your home driving licenses is valid in Vietnam. We are very sad about that! However, luckily now International Driving License (IDL) is valid in Vietnam. But an IDL is valid only if you live in one of the countries abide by the 1968 Convention on Road Traffic on IDLs. Congratulate that if you have a 1968 IDL, you are riding legally in Vietnam.

1949 Convention international driving permit (IDP)

Many countries such as Australia, USA, UK and Canada, etc. are not signatories to the 1968 Convention but abide by the 1949 Geneva Convention. Thus, those countries’ citizens are NOT legal to drive in Vietnam with their IDPs.

How can I get an International Driving License?

International licenses can be delivered on the spot at the motoring authority in your home country .Take your current national license and passport photo to the office. Charge for a small fee, they will provide an equivalent license as your existing one, valid from one year.

Vietnam Motorbike riding license

Vietnam’s law clearly states that riders must have a local Vietnam motorbike riding license when riding a 50cc motorbike or bigger. Foreigners can obtain one only if they have a visa allowing a stay of longer than 30 days. Tourist visas permit stays of only 30 days; therefore, tourists staying less than 30 days cannot gain a Vietnamese license. According to World Nomads insurance policies, regardless of a country of residence, state each one must abide by local laws to be covered. Clearly, this is not possible for a tourist in Vietnam.

How can I convert your motorbike riding license?

It is the easiest way to get a Vietnam motorbike riding license and you don’t need to take any theory or riding test in case you have already had your home country license. Moreover, you need to have a business visa or residence card of at least three month. It’s simply to convert from your home country riding license to the Vietnam motorbike riding license.

You need notarizing copies of your passport, visa and home country motorbike license (take 1-2 business days when you are in Vietnam). These documents can be done at any Hanoi notarizing office.  Wait 7-10 days to have your Vietnam motorbike riding license issued.

If you need a driving test then you need to wait for longer time. As usual, they can arrange a weekly test somewhere in Hanoi, sometime longer.

In Hanoi, applications for temporary driver’s licenses should be directed to Hanoi Urban Transport Management and Operation Centre at 16 Cao Ba Quat street, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

Applying for a Vietnam motorbike riding license

This is much more difficult to get a Vietnam motorbike riding license. You need to attend both theory and riding tests. All questions and instructions are only in Vietnamese. You must do this as you don’t have a valid home country car or motorbike riding license.

To get a Vietnam motorbike riding license, the applicant must have a valid Vietnamese residence allowance or a work permit, a business visa of from three month’s validity and a sponsor company.  Notarizing copies of your passport and visa (take 1-2 business days when you are in Vietnam). These documents can be translated and notarized at any Hanoi notarizing office.  Wait for your turn to do the theory and riding tests which can take up to a month.

Travel Insurance for motorcycle ride in Vietnam – what’s the importance of having a license?

Visitors can keep on riding regardless, but what happen if there has a crash, and they need travel insurance?

The question of having or not having a motorcycle license mainly relates to your Personal Medical Insurance. If you don’t have a Vietnamese motorcycle driving license, you can not buy any local insurance from your home country. Luckily, you can buy one from companies such as CHIAllianz or World Nomads, etc. They only request your home country riding license.

If you‘re riding illegally and under use drink or drugs and no a helmet on, you are not covered. In case you cause an accident with wearing a helmet, check policy. Injury from a motorbike accident is one of the most popular claims received by World Nomads. If it‘s a bad that needs medical evacuation, the cost could run up to $100,000 or more. Remember that they will check if you have a valid license. Many claims are rejected because the riders don’t have a license (no valid motorbike license at home too for riders from Australia, NZ, Ireland and UK). You might think “that‘s not fair. Everyone‘s getting it!“ All insurance policies are different; therefore, ensure you check the whole policy wording carefully to get how it works with the policy you buy.

How to ride a motorbike safely in Vietnam

If you‘re still tempted to roll the dice, (unlicensed and uninsured) try your best to do everything carefully to make sure you don‘t get hurt in a crash or avoid causing accidents.

  • Wear a helmet – preferably full-face.
  • Wear gloves – it’s a natural reaction when falling to put hands out to protect body
  • Control speed.
  • Don‘t drink or do drugs and ride.
  • Wear protective clothing/ riding gears
  • Don‘t ride at darkness.
  • Do follow the local and do like they do.

You are travelers, adventurers, make sure you have cash in bank to pay your medical bills or incidents on road.


Loop MotorBike Tours can help you to apply for an IAA International motorbike riding license offered by the USA. Please contact us

This license’s advantages:

Used globally (192 countries and areas in the word)

Translated into 29 different languages including Vietnamses

Expiration: up to 20 years

Can be checked its origin at:

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