Top 10 Best Vietnam Motorbike Routes

Having over 15 years experience in organizing off-road Vietnam motorbike routes. Loop Bike Tours has been leading biking crews on the best routes for motorbiking in Vietnam. What are they?

Ha Giang off-road tracks

Located in the Northeast part of Vietnam and sharing borderline with Yunnan of China, Ha Giang owns 300km winding road. It is well considered one of the best Vietnam motorbike routes and takes bikers around 4 days to fulfill. Due to its zigzags and mainly off-road tracks on mountain winding roads, the route is not ideal for beginners. Riding on the route, travelers will be totally surprised by stunning views of grand mountains leading to remote tribal villages of H’mong group and variously scattered spots in the global geological rock plateau.

Ma Pi Leng pass, Tham Ma zigzag, or bamboo raft crossing Nho Que river will impress adventurers a lot. Ha Giang is mysterious in its harsh winter from October. Hence, if you love coldness and Tam Giac Mach symbolic flowers, you can choose to ride in October or November. Another ideal times to enjoy flowers and amazing spring are in late January and February while May or June make Ha Giang evergreen with trees or spreading farms of corn. Besides, Sunday Market in Đong Van or Meo Vac is a fascinating cultural beauty.  

O Quy Ho pass

Being the longest mountain pass in Vietnam with about 50km (31 miles) on National Highway 4D. O Quy Ho pass connects Lai Chau to Lao Cai along the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. It is seen as Heaven’s Gate due to its peak at 1,999 meter (6,560 feet) altitude. This Northwest pass is famous for its abysses, gurgling streams and beautiful waterfalls, making views panoramic and stunning. Riding on the pass, riders will be challenged by its winding turns but get an overview when reach its top. Sa Pa motorbike tours from Ha Noi via Phu Yen. Than Uyen and Mu Cang Chai is to ride in this incredible pass. There are some local tents for travelers to drink and enjoy or take pictures among the views. O Quy Ho pass is also listed into one of the best Vietnam motorbike routes.

Road 34 – Cao Bang province

Similarity, Road 34 is another of the best Vietnam motorbike routes. Road 34 is Northeast route along the Chinese borderline with heavenly views in two sides. There are plenty of rice paddies and corn fields surrounded by green mountains. The road connects Cao Bang city to Ban Gioc waterfalls which is one of the fourth biggest ones in the world. Ban Gioc belongs to Vietnam and China. Its fabulous beauty of 3 water roofs pouring from height to a large lake urges travelers to come. This will be much more amazing to see Ban Gioc from nearby pagoda.
Apart from the waterfalls and peaceful atmosphere of Tay or Nung tribes, visitors can take a trip to Nguom Ngao, Pac Bo Caves or Le Nin stream where Ho Chi Minh gathered revolutionary forces in 1941. Each season, Cao Bang offer different landscapes. However, the best times to come are August and September when Ban Doc is fully green water while November and December have views of flowers like Tam Giac Mach and Da Quy. March or April is also suitable due to cool weather and plenty of fruits.

Nam Ma river route

Being a popular backpacker destination, Ninh Binh is famous for its spectacular scenery beauty that is viewed as “Ha Long Bay on Land”. Visiting the region, travelers will enjoy plenty of amazing things like mountains, rice paddies, rivers and caves. Nam Ma River Route provides similar scenery to Ninh Binh. Take Ho Chi Minh Highway south of Hanoi until road 217, follow this until Vinh Minh town. Then, keep riding on Ma river’s bank on the right until emerging back into road 1A. Sam Son Beach is the great last destination after long riding hours. Then, the whole route is one of the best Vietnam motorbike routes.

Khe Sanh – Phong Nha

The route from Khe Sanh to Phong Nha is incredible with around 200km of enormous descents and ascents combined with twists and turns, bursts of open straits and stunning views. The fantastic riding here is on western Ho Chi Minh legendary trail. It’s hard not to stop every five minutes for taking pictures. Being closer to Phong Nha, riders motorbike along Son river and cross through farmlands. The turquoise lakes of Phong Nha National Park come as raw and untouched scenery. Spending some hours to get off the beaten tracks around the park is totally worthy. Moreover, riding will lead bikers to discover Paradise or Tien Son cave while reach Phong Nha cave by a boat trip. Quang Binh is proud of having this UNESCO world heritage as well as beautiful beaches and Vo Nguyen Giap tomb.

Hai Van pass (Hue – Hoi An)

In BBC Top Gear Vietnam Special in 2008, Hai Van pass has become a must be tried route when ride from Hue to Da Nang although a beneath tunnel to cross mountains quicker and easier was opened in 2005. This scenic route is about 13 mile to challenge riders with its up and down twists along Lang Co Lagoon and beach for a refreshing swim. Ride up along mountain slopes and majestic ocean view under the blue sky. When reaching Hai Van peak, travelers can see an overview of Da Nang in one side and Hue back in the other side. Cool weather can get from height makes riders comfort, which is different from the heat in Hue.

Kon Tum – Hoi An

From Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang, there are 2 nice route options, coastal lines via Mui Ne, Quy Nhon and Nha Trang, or Viet – Laos borderline. However, there’s another choice that will leave riders a different side of Vietnam. Head to North by likely passing Pleiku on the way to Kon Tum. Emerge into road 24 to Quang Ngai then Quang Nam. Quang Nam is a favorite destination due to Da Nang and Hoi An. Da Nang attracts millions of visitors due to Hoi An ancient town – UNESCO world heritage, Cu Lao Cham islands, Golden bridge in Ba Na hill, special architecture of bridges and temples, and famous beaches. Hence, Kon Tum to Hoi An, Da Nang is not a mere destinations but a whole journey of riding.

Road 652: Nha Trang – Da Lat via mountain pass

Road 652 is another of the best Vietnam motorbike routes. Connecting two popular attractions, Nha Trang and Da Lat, the pass takes riders about five hours of riding. The ride is among twists through mountains and forests on each side will offer bikers awesome pitstops. Low-paced life in Da Lat with cool weather, amazing nature and cultural beauty will be left behind before reaching Nha Trang – beloved destination of fabulous beaches and islets, Vinpearl entertainment and other attractions.

Road 725: Da Lat – Nam Cat Tien

The road to Cat Tien from Da Lat is a sight to behold. Out of plateau with 4 seasons in a day, riders need concentration when motorbiking on winding bends with beautiful scenery of pine hill. Continue the imaginative road 725 to see glorious landscape continuously changing to spectacular twists and turns in Nam Cat Tien national park. After experiencing this thrilling route, it is time for riders to take short motorbike ride to discover home of flora and fauna here.  

Coastal lines

Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh city route owns a very long coastal line. Riders start to head down South in Hoi An via Quy Nhon, Tuy Hoa, Nha Trang, Cam Rang, Phan Rang, Mui Ne, La Gi then Ho Tram Beach before entering Ho Chi Minh city. This route is for bikers to enjoy the best of what the coastal line has to offer. Riding under the sunshine of dry season from November to April, travelers should use sun cream if don’t want to be sunburnt. Rainy season of South Vietnam is from May to November. Taking motorbike tours under the rain is an amazing experience.

Final words

In conclusion, Vietnam has a lot of ideal routes which challenge adventurers of riding skill on off-roads. These routes are mountain roads, coastal lines and Ho Chi Minh trail. They scatter at every corners of the country including Northeast, Northwest, Centre and South Vietnam. The best Vietnam motorbike routes without much traffic offers lots of stunning views and various culture. Loop Bike Tours has designed the itineraries on these routes so that riders can get the best experience of riding in Vietnam. If you want to travel Vietnam by motorbike, join one of our motorbike tours:


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