What To Pack For Vietnam Trip

Traveling abroad with overloaded luggage will cause inconveniences and discomforts. In particular, taking much of those home belongings with you to Vietnam may be too costly or impractical.

To help travelers have a safe and comfortable Vietnam journey, Loop Bike Tourssome tips on What to pack for Vietnam trip.


Clothing for summer in Vietnam

As usual, May and June are the hottest months in Vietnam. July and August are the wettest months in North Vietnam. South here experiences wet season, with much rain falls in June, July, and August. However, the rain is usually a brief but heavy downpour. The list below is What to pack for Vietnam trip in terms of summer clothing:

  • Cotton Shirts: Cotton is an ideal choice for Vietnam‘s climate, especially in the hottest days. It’s breathable and easy to iron after being stuffed inside suitcases. It is durable for whatever activity you’re doing, too.
  • Shorts: Two or three pairs of shorts will cool you. They take up less space in your suitcase.
  • Long Pants: A pair of long pants can keep you from sun-burnt, keep you drier on a rainy day, and keep the bugs off your legs.
  • Dresses: It is for time of women at shopping or leisurely activities.
  • Long Skirt: Below-the-knee attire skirts will be suitable in case women want to enter religious area.
  • Moisture-Wicking Shirt: If you spend time outdoors during rainy season, a moisture-wicking shirt is a must. It helps to feel dry again as soon as possible.
  • Lightweight Rain Jacket: A light rain jacket to good to prepare for whatever type of weather you can encounter.
  • Hat: A lightweight hat to keep the sun off your face.
  • Underwear: A thin base layer and sports bras will make outdoor activities more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Sunglasses: You should bring two pairs, just in case.
  • Poncho: A full body poncho for motorbike riders.
  • Extra towel
  • Extra socks

Clothing for winter

In Vietnam, winters in northern including Hanoi, are usually dry from November through March, except for February. The weather is almost cool with temperatures averaging 14 – 22°C, except some farthest areas like Sa Pa or Ha Giang. Southern winters consisting of Ho Chi Minh city, are usually warm and dry, with temperatures ranging from 25-32°C. In fact, South Vietnam has 2 outstanding seasons, rainy season is from May to October and the rest is dry one. Thus, South climate in Vietnam varies much on rain level, but maintains a small fluctuation in temperature all year around, from 25-38°C.

What to pack for Vietnam trip in terms of clothing for winter is almost the same as those in summer but plus lightweight jackets or sweaters and scarves to keep you warm.


  • Waterproof Shoes: No one likes traveling in soggy shoes with soaked socks. Ensure your shoes will provide comfort all day.
  • Hiking Boots– Outdoor adventures like biking or hiking require good shoes. They can make your riding or trekking safer and more enjoyable.
  • Flip Flops: Open-toed shoes as sandals are ideal for dining, shopping, or a day at the water.
  • Hiking Socks: Bring at least one pair of hiking socks, which are thicker than normal socks to provide protection while trekking or motorbiking.
  • Lightweight Socks: Make sure you choose thin socks that won’t slow plenty of walking down.

Riding gears

If you are joining a motorbike tour in Vietnam, What to pack for Vietnam trip should adds things below. It is in case you request motorcycle tour agency to provide you the best riding gears at your size. Beside maintaining the footwear like above, you should bring:

  • Full – face helmet: It is strongly recommended for a motorbike adventure. Choose your most comfortable one.
  • Lightweight protective jacket: Ensure a good one with protection in elbows.
  • Lightweight protective Pant: Good one with protection in knees and hip.
  • Gloves: thick ones
  • Sunglasses: Good one

Health and Safety

  • Bug Repellent: Mosquitoes are a nuisance, so don’t forget to slather yourself in bug spray every time you are outside.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Foreign germs can make you ill simply as they’re foreign to you. There’s nothing more miserable than enjoying a vacation wit sickness.
  • Anti-Itch Medicine: In case you forget to coat yourself with bug spray, you should have some anti-itch cream to keep you from bug bites.
  • Disposable Toothbrush: Opt for toothbrushes you can dispose of when you’re done traveling, especially when you use the local water.
  • General Toiletries: It’s helpful and convenient to have refillable bottles than full-sized toiletries with you.
  • Small First Aid Kit: A pre-made first aid kit complete with band-aids, gauze, antibiotic ointment, and other essentials.
  • Sunglasses: Even on cloudy days, you should protect your eyes against U.V. rays.
  • Chapstick: Being outside can dry out your lips quickly.
  • Anti-Diarrhea Medicine: Traveler’s diarrhea occurs. It’s from a new food or local water to your body. Prepare to stop it fast.
  • Tissues: There’s never a guarantee that all restrooms have toilet paper. Keep some tissues with you always.
  • Hair Care Products: Make sure you bring things like hair ties, bobby pins, hair spray, and other essentials to tame your mane.
  • Travel Insurance: This is a huge must if you’re traveling in Vietnam. Apart from things like changing travel plans, your traveler’s insurance can help you to get medical care in case of an emergency.

Miscellaneous Travel Items

  • Travel Pillow: If you’re out of your main city, transportation usually takes time on the road, and a travel pillow can help to ease the ride a little.
  • Backpack: Opt for a comfortable backpack which’s easy to carry and big enough to hold all the gear you’ll need for the trip. Plus bring a small padlock or two to secure your valuables.
  • Ear Plugs: In case you’re using public transportation or staying in a hostel, ear plugs can help you have a little bit of peace and quiet
  • Water Bottle: This ideal preparation is for the cleanest drinking water possible.
  • Towel: A quick-dry towel can be a lifesaver if it rains.
  • Electronics Adapter: The power outlets in Vietnam aren’t the same as your home, thus you may need an adapter if you bring any electronic devices.
  • Pre-Charged Power Banks: These are travel game – changers, ensure you have a charged phone, iPod, tablet or other devices at all times.
  • Flashlight: A small one which can attach to your backpack.
  • Packing Cubes: These storage buddies can help you to keep your stuff organized, separate dirty clothes from clean ones, and help you fit more in your suitcase.
  • Zip-Closure Bags: For a multitude of reasons
  • Umbrella– If you’re traveling in summer, a small umbrella is a mobile thing for an unexpected downpour.

Vietnam Travel Tips

There are variety of Vietnam‘s outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking, a riverboat cruise, ocean cruise, parks, and beaches.

Deciding what to pack for Vietnam trip is upon where in Vietnam you’re going, what time of year you’re traveling to, and what you’re intending to do while there.

Best Time to Travel

Vietnam has two distinct monsoon seasons (April-September in the south and July and August in the north). However, rainy season offers strange experience. Riding under the rain is funny. Some travelers prefer rainy seasons as it’s less crowded and the rain is usually short-lasting each day.


The dong is the official Vietnamese currency. $1 US is equals about 22,000 dongs. For almost parts, you need to pay for items with dongs, but some big centers may accept US dollars or credit cards. You’re likely to find many ATMs around tourist centers which can provide you with the right cash.


You should also ensure you have updated vaccines before traveling to Vietnam. Ask your doctor to see optional vaccines that will keep you healthy, a vaccine or treatment to prevent traveler’s diarrhea by eating unusual food or poorly prepared drinks and foods.


Most Vietnamese do not speak English, so it’s wise to choose a tour guide or choose one of our included tours.

Final words

There are plenty of things to see and do in Vietnam, and you’re almost guaranteed to run out of time before you can visit all of them.  However, don’t start packing yet. The first thing you need to secure is a travel visa which lets you experience all that Vietnam wants to offer. Packing, then, is necessary. In case you forget or don’t have much time to prepare or your luggage is overload, you can get some in Vietnam yourself or with our guides’ help.


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