Dong Van district has two towns, Dong Van and Pho Bang, along with 17 communes such as Ta Phin, Xa Phin, Pho Cao, Sung La, Van Chai, Lung Phin, and Ma Le. This northernmost point of Vietnam is often a stopping point for tourists visiting Ha Giang, as the local tourist attractions are concentrated here. The terrain in Dong Van is quite complex, predominantly consisting of rocky mountains that have been cut, creating numerous deep valleys, with an average elevation of 1,500 meters above sea level. The average temperature in Dong Van is around 20 degrees Celsius, dropping to 1-2 degrees Celsius at its coldest and reaching nearly 40 degrees Celsius at its hottest. The air humidity is approximately 84%, and salt fog and occasional snowfall can occur during the winter.

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Dong Van Motorbike Tours
Nho Que River

Dong Van is located 150 km north of Ha Giang city. From the city, travelers can take National Highway 4C, using various means of transportation, with motorcycles being the most popular. Exploring Dong Van by motorcycle is an excellent choice, providing flexibility and the best experience. This allows tourists the freedom to discover the magnificent beauty of Dong Van, conquer unique mountain passes, and explore the most fantastic mountainous alleyways.

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